Babywearing Classes in Galway


One-to-One and Small Group Classes with a

Certified Babywearing Instructor

Babies love to be carried, but carrying them in arms can be tiring and impractical.  Finding a sling that works for you and your baby can make a big difference to you, your baby and your family.  With a good sling you can continue with the joys and tasks of daily living and get out and about as you need, while also meeting your baby’s inborn need for physical closeness.

I have trained with Trageschule UK, one of the most established schools of babywearing.  Trageschule have almost 20 years experience of teaching people how to use slings, and their consultants are expertly trained to teach tried-and-tested techniques for using slings.



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Why have a consultation with me?

I really enjoy helping other parents find a way of safely and comfortably carrying their children.  As well as being an insured and certified Trageschule Babywearing Instructor and I am listed with Babywearing Ireland.  I am commited to staying up-to-date with research related to babywearing and sling safety.  I am also passionate about enabling parents to learn how to carry their babies in a supportive environment.  

In addition to one-to-one classes which focus on sling safety and techniques for using different carriers, I offer sling demonstrations. Seeing a demonstration of the various slings I have in my demonstration set can also help you to choose a suitable sling, as many parents find themselves buying a sling online.

I am part of the team running Babywearing Ireland (BWI) and for the last four years I have been running free babywearing mornings in Galway for BWI.  Our group is called Galway Slings and we meet once a month in Knocknacarra.  We have a broad range of slings which you can try and rent.  To find out more you can find us on facebook at GalwaySlings and  These mornings allow parents and caregivers to socialise with like-minded people and to learn about the myriad of slings and carriers available. For more information, contact us at


About me

My name is Olwen Rowe and I have three boys.  Learning how to safely and comfortably carry my own children in a sling has been one of the most enabling skills I have learned as a parent.   I have come to find slings to be essential tools for daily life.  They allow me to meet my child’s need for physical closeness and my own need to carry out the tasks of daily living, to tend to my older children and to get out of the house with my hands free. My husband also very much enjoys carrying our children.  I especially love using woven wraps and ring slings.

Along the way, I've made expensive mistakes buying carriers that have been uncomfortable for me and unsuitable for my baby.  Once I finally learned what type of sling would be most useful for me and my family, at times I struggled learning alone and I would have greatly appreciated a lesson or two.  After much trial and error, I now find myself with a level of knowledge and expertise that makes babywearing an easy and joyful part of our family life.

Babies are biologically hard-wired to want to be carried.  One of the surest ways to settle a crying infant, is to pick it up!  If we think about how humans evolved, we can surmise that once we were upright, necessity would have led to the invention of various types of slings to carry babies.  Because babies born today still require physical closeness, the benefits of using a sling, for parents and children, are very relevant to the busy lives we lead today.